Free Training For Speakers

"How To Find & Contact Speaking Opportunities In Any Market, So You Can Get Paid Gigs Consistently."

What you'll learn:

  • How to find over 100 events per day in any market
  • What to say when you contact the events so they reply to you
  • How to get the gig so they actually pay you

Benji Bruce built his speaking business by learning how to find and contact corporate events. He built a 7 figure speaking business by getting companies like AAA, Remax, Aflac, Best Buy, Ashley Furniture, and many more to hire him (watch the reviews in the video above).

At first, Benji's biggest problem was "How the heck do you FIND & CONTACT events?"

He searched online but the advice was so basic that it didn't help. Advice like 'create a bio' or 'contact a rotary club' etc. didn't all.

So he was stuck...still to FIND & CONTACT events.

Eventually, Benji Bruce starting testing his own ideas. And it worked.

He learned exactly how to find tons of events on a daily basis. He learned exactly what to say to get people to hire him (no free gigs). And he got his speaking fee up to $25,000 per gig....without being a 'celebrity speaker'.

The hardest part was figuring out the systems for getting on stages consistently because anybody can get a 'referral'. But very few of them can repeat the process and get high paying gigs on a consistent basis.

That's what Benji Bruce figured out.

This free training walks you through the email templates he uses to contact events and how he finds events on a daily basis.

It doesn't matter what your speaking topic is or what market you're in.

You'll get more out of this free training than in other people's paid programs. 

This is how the process REALLY works.